‘La La Land’ (2016) Trailer Reaction!

We all know trailers for being those pesky shorts aimed at giving the audience a peek at the film, but instead spoil the plot, character relationships, jump scares and basically every other important aspect of the film. I generally stay away from trailers like the plague, however, when I saw the teaser posters for┬áDamien Chazelle’s 2016 film ‘La La Land’, I couldn’t help but watch!

The musical comedy-drama set to hit theatres in December, 2016 stars academy award nominated actors (and personal favourites of mine) Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as they sing, dance and fall in love on screen. I’ve got to say, I didn’t have very high expectations of the film when I’d first heard about it- Although I love both actors, the Stone-Gosling love story is getting a little old after Gangster Squad AND Crazy Stupid Love- But THIS TRAILER BLEW MY MINE!!

The score starts out as a soothing piano piece played by Gosling which truly invites the audience into the world of starving artists that is Los Angeles, when suddenly an intense and unexpected kiss throws the trailer into an epicly vibrant musical atmosphere. The bright and fresh jazz score and quick cut montage sequence of the colourful costumes, lights and brilliantly shot choreography really awakens the audience from their deep, miserable slumber. I have always been a lover of musicals, and this film appears to be exactly what Hollywood has been waiting for- something with heart, soul and tap dance! ‘La La Land’ is the first film I have been excited for in a long time, the trailer shocked my system in the best possible way and I absolutely cannot wait for it to hit theatres!!

Aly xx

Predicted rating: 8/10