Hey everyone! Aly here and ready to take the first step into my new life, to discover who i am and where life takes me! (I know it sounds cheesy, but bear with me!)

I’ve always loved films. There’s just something magical about them. it’s freeing- becoming engrossed in fictional characters and marvellous adventures for 90 minutes. Everything that’s troubling you fades away with every munch of buttery popcorn and as you stride from the dark theatre, a sense of accomplishment and courage surges through you as you realise anything is possible, all it takes is some good friends and a kick-ass soundtrack.

But, unfortunately life doesn’t mimic the glamour on-screen. And so, in this blog i’ll be exploring both sides of my life, film and reality. Expect no holds-barred reviews, trailer reactions, award-show discussions and favourites lists as well as tales from my own life and the endless struggles of teen life!

-Aly xx


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